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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where has Qohelet been?

Good question.

First, this is not Qohelet writing this. That's right. I am actually just a regular reader and part-time hacker and since the mangy red-neck hasn't posted anything in awhile I decided I had better do something. So remember, the guy writing this isn't Qohelet. But I ain't gonna go tellin' who I am 'cause I don't want any black helicopters circling around my trailer like last time.

Never mind about that.

So I gotta ask this question. Where is Qohelet? Is he in hiding because his beloved Catlick football team got their hineys kicked in the Sugar Bowl?

Did he overdose on holiday eggnog?

Did he get off his lazy rear end and get a job?

(Is he even capable of finding and maintaining gainful employment?)

Did he drink too much of this and fall off his bass boat and drown?

Did the Gators get him? (Oh, that was Ohio State that got eaten by Gators. Never mind.)

Did some TeamPyro groupies hunt him down and skin him?

I think somebody needs to smack his smorgasboard and get him back into blogdom. But that's just me. And since I'm just some anonymous dude who hacked in here and posted this you'll never know who "me" is.

So, just how much will someone offer me for Qohelet's username and password? Hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahhaaa!!!!!!


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