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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Qohelet's First Regular Feature

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to strengthen my vocabulary. Like a lot of Southern boys, born and bred, my vocabulary is just not all that strong. I do like to read a lot, though, and as I read I always come across new words. Usually, instead of taking an opportunity to learn, I just skip over it, pretend I know approximately what it means by the context, and then go on.

Not anymore.

From now on when I read a new word I'm going to jot it down, then look it up, and, to help me remember what it means I'm going to put the word, the definition, and the sentence I found it in right here in this blog space. I'll even plagiarize a little from Reader's Digest and call it "Strengthen Your Vocabulary." Most of you readers (all three of you) will probably just scratch your heads and say "He didn't know that?" But maybe, just maybe I'll find a word or two that are new for you too.

Now, here are our words for today. The definitions are from Webster's New World College Dictionary.

augury // 1 divination from omens 2 an omen; portent; indication

The sentence: "The ability to see into the future, to use augury to find what is lost, to cast benevolent spells, to interpret dreams, were all part of daily life."

fey // 1 [Now Chiefly Scot.] a) orig., fated; doomed to death b) in an unusually excited state, formerly believed to portend sudden death 2 strange or unusual in any of certain ways, as, variously, eccentric, whimsical, visionary, elfin, shy, otherworldly

The sentence: "Among the Celts there have always been 'fey' people, who are said to have 'the sight'"

oriel // a large window built out from a wall and resting on a bracket or a corbel; bay window

The sentence: "There he found one orieled window. It had an air of privacy, of peace."

Maybe I'll learn ya'll somethin' yet.


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