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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Religion and Politics in one fell swoop

Qohelet is a renaissance man. When you come here, there's no telling what will be on the front page. And since no one is actually coming here to read yet, that probably doesn't matter. But one day there will be readers here I'm sure, so in case you guys are doing some backreading, this is for you. Also Sprach Qohelet is my sounding board for whatever interests me at the moment, which could be just about anything at all when you're an idiot savante paranoid schyzophrenic like me. So for today let me briefly hit on politics and religion in one short blurb. Lengthier comments to follow.

This morning I was scanning Little Green Footballs and came across this little gem from yesterday: Islamophobia
Put this one down as another in the long list of items demonstrating how Europeans just don't get it (and I'm afraid there are a lot of Americans who don't get it either).

Gee, I hope I haven't offended any of the followers of the peace-loving Mohammed by being insensitive.


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